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Private Beach Resorts Goa

The land of waver palms, white sand beaches, scintillating waters, dense green land, Goa has it all. People say it’s about party, beaches and relaxation. We say it’s the same. How about a private beache and your own space of privacy and luxury, isn’t it something to be delighted about? Private Beach Resorts in Goa hold a Strikingly great culture of mixture where evening’s goes great and sun come with cordial feeling.

Here are our personal top 5 Goa Resorts with Private Beaches:

  1. RIVA BEACH RESORT: At Riva Beach Resort, you get involved in the perfect mix of water and sand. Bundled on the Mandrem Beach, the resort makes a remarkably revive entry for sun, swim and soak. Sit back in the midst of the soothing cool whiff and blazing sun beam towards the grandiose Arabian Sea.
  1. ESTRELA DO MAR: Goa has the best beaches in India. Out of all, Calangute is the “Queen of Beaches”, and here lies the Estrela Do Mar. Home within a Resort- the best of natural place where travelers can enjoy the leisure of a home atmosphere with the use of competence of the resort.
  1. VIVANTA BY TAJ- HOLIDAY VILLAGE: Different but yet the same in many ways is Vivanta by Taj- Holiday Village.The charismatic village, that plays with the waterfront, where fun lovers come for repeat dosage of ecstasy. Try to mix fun with biz and see how fantastic the village is.
  1. PRAINHA: Its a vintage resort near by the beautiful Dona Paula beach. Prainha strives to provide you a unique holiday experience and they constantly endeavour to improve and innovate. They make sure that they bring out the wow factor of Goa and maintain the tradition with the style and comfort.
  1. POUSADA TAUMA: Located at Calangute, this resort welcomes you to a bizarre, amiable world of its own. Its an obscure paradise. Pousada Tauma is definitely the best small luxury boutique resort in Goa.

Chose one of these hotels in goa with private beach and share you experience with us.