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Goa Nightlife | Goa India Nightlife

As the sun lays down and the stars take up the sky,  Goa nightlife comes alive with beautiful colors. It brightens up the city and every party hopper starts visiting the most popular beach shack nearby. As much as goa is known for its beaches, the nightlife attracts equal attention. If you are getting out for the first time in Goa for its nightlife touch, then Tito’s and Club Cubana are the safest to go first.

Beach shacks on various beach joints are very popular in Goa india. Most of these shacks serve alcohol but the most demanding drink is “Chilled Beer” which is served with spiced nutties and is open until late in the night.

The Top 5 Goa Nightlife Hangout joints in Goa are as follows –

1. Zanzibar:

Goa Nightlife at Zanzibar

Its the most happening shack located at Baga beach, it can be found by its music and exceptional service. Its a typical laid back shack during the day but turns into a lively music zone as the night draws in.







2. Tito’s :

goa nightlife at Tito's

Goa’s most popular club offers the ambiance of a trendy nightclub with absolutely perfect mix of fun and music. For Avid party-goers, this is the place for a rocking night out. Shake a leg and unwind over a drink.






3. Primrose:

goa nightlife @ Primrose

Situated near Vagator beach, Its a hotspot for the lovers of trance music. The club boasts perfect setting for an all-night party, and is tucked away from crowded areas.





4.  Club LPK (Love Passion Karma):

goa nightlife at Love Passion Karma
Love Passion Karma


One of the finest and most recommended clubs in Goa. Located on a beautiful waterfront, this place truly depicts the party scene and the wonderful décor of the club.  Go for an ‘all night party’.





5. Montego Bay:

goa nightlife at Montego Bay
Montego Bay

Located on the shore of Morjim, its the perfect place to party away from the heavy crowds. It Offers a charming view of the waters and scintillating sunsets by the beach. Its bar has the most exotic cocktails accompanied by mouth-watering sea food.