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Goa Music Festival | Goa India Music Festival

Whether its dawn or dusk, bewitching hour or noontide, there is no end of fun and entertainment in Goa. Goa Music Festival is not a single event. Its a bunch of various events that occur mainly at the year end here.  If one is craving for a trance music, drinks, bars and lounge placed at the prime beaches, this is the event you should not miss.

Nightlife in Goa is flashy and there are so many ways to enliven the evening. Goa is known for the national and international level music festivals organized each year.

The two major Goa MUSIC FESTIVAL are :


goa music festival

Unified with the strings of melody and irrevocable different fashions together, its this one platform that gives you best of its mixtures. Its known to bring together Western Classical and Indian Classical forms of melodies. This Festival is formulated by the Fundacao Oriente and Cidade de Goa in partnership with Kala Academy and is held in November. The festival has been adhered for the last two years and is emerging into an annual event.

The site for the festival is the yard of Capela da Nossa Senhora does Monte (Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount). Its based on a acclivity near the Old Goa church compound.


trance music festival goa

Sunburn is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival. Its organized at the beach and the party harbor is Vagator, Goa. It is treated to be Asia’s biggest music festival. The festival is a fusion of Music, bash, food and shopping, it was ranked the 9th Best Festival in the world by CNN in 2009. Sunburn is coordinated by Percept. The festival has numerous stages with experts playing concurrently for 3 days. This is a must visit event if like EDM music with mind boggling sound experience.