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Goa Trance | Goa Trance Festival

The music has its blood in the fame of Goa. In the 1960s and early 70s, as a free spirited capital music groomed up here. Goa trance is an electronic kind of  music, that was created during the late 1980s in Goa, India. As the hippie travelers incursion tapered off in the 1970s and 80s, a focused group remained in Goa. They aimed on the development in music along with other quest such as yoga and competitive drug use.

The music known as Goa Trance did not emerged from one single style. It is inspired by groups like Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Meat Beat Manifesto, and A Split- Second, and many more. In addition to these, oriental tribal music and ethnic music has also become a source of inspiration.

The music is definitely a blend of styles roughly defined as techno and various genres of music. The music turned up on tapes by fanciful travelers and DJs. These are common tapes among DJs of Goa, which is an underground scene, not directed by labels or music businesses.

For some time in mid 90s, this music appreciated profitable success with backing from DJs, who later went on to aid in developing a much more standard style of trance outside Goa. Only a few experts came close to being Goa trance “stars”, enjoying global fame. Several artists initiated generating Goa trance music and went on to produce psytrance instead.

  • Dimension 5-Trans-dimensional
  • Pleiadians – IFO
  • Hallucinogen- Twisted
  • Blue Planet Corporation -Blue Planet
  • Astral Projection– Trust In Trance
  • Antares – Exodus
  • Goasia – From Other Spaces
  • Filteria – Daze of our Lives
  • Goasia – Dancing With the Blue Spirit
  • Filteria – Sky Input

The next goa trance festival is at PIPERS PLATEAU ,V.P MORJIM , GOA on 19th feb 2016 10 pm onwards.